CC Full Form, What is the meaning of CC?

CC Full Form, What is the meaning of CC?

CC: Cubic Capacity/ Cubic Centimetre

(i) CC: Cubic Capacity/ Cubic Centimetre
CC full form is Cubic Capability. It refers to the capability associated size of an engine. It defines the degree of the cylinder of the vehicle between the Piston high dead centre (TDC) and Bottom dead centre (BDC),the actual cylinder volume wherever the combustion takes place. So, if the CC of associate engine is additional, the fuel combustion and therefore the power of the engine are additional. The blocky capability is sometimes measured in cubic centimetre.

(ii) CC: Carbon Copy
CC is additionally used as associate abbreviation of copy. This term comes from copying during which a carbon copy is formed by putting a paper between 2 sheets and writing on the higher sheet. after you place your pen's tip on the highest sheet and press it to put in writing one thing, it leaves a reproduction mark because it is on the second sheet. you'll be able to produce additional range of carbon copies by putting additional carbon papers and paper sheets between the highest and bottom papers

This term is incredibly common on web between email users. Some folks keep their email id in CC field along side the name of the recipients. The CC field is additionally accustomed send message to over one recipient. there's additionally a term BCC used on the e-mail. BCC stands for blank copy.

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