PSC Full Form, What is the full form of PSC?

PSC Full Form, What is the full form of PSC?

PSC full form: Public Service Commission
PSC full form is Public Service Commission was established below Article 315 to 323 of the Constitution of Asian nation. it's central agency authorized to conduct accomplishment examinations to pick candidates for direct accomplishment to numerous classes of posts below the govt of Asian nation.

Public Service Commission (UPSC & SPSC)
The civil servants play a vital role within the triple-crown administration of state at totally different levels. So, their accomplishment, training, emoluments, conditions of service, promotion policies, etc. assume importance. For Associate in Nursing impartial thought of those matters regarding civil servants, Associate in Nursing freelance and knowledgeable authority is needed. This authority is understood because the establishment of public service commission. one in all the foremost necessary options of our Constitution is that the inclusion of Public Service Commission at each Union and State levels within the Constitution.

While UPSC and SPSC area unit constitutional bodies, a joint public service commission is made by Associate in Nursing Act of Parliament.

What will the Law say concerning PSC?
Articles 315 to 323 partly XIV of the Constitution of Asian nation provides for the institution of Public Service Commission for the Union and a Public Service Commission for every State. an equivalent set of Articles (i.e., 315 to 323 partly XIV) of the Constitution additionally affect the composition, appointment, and removal of members, power and functions and independence of a Public Service Commission.

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