SOP Full Form

What is the complete sort of SOP

SOP Standard Operating Procedure

SOP: Standard Operating Procedure

SOP full form is Standard Operating Procedure. it's a customary method followed by corporations to make sure consistency in numerous business functions like sales, marketing, accounting, client service, etc. it should vary from company to company on the idea of nature of business. as an example; the banks, hotels, and hospitals ar doubtless to own slightly completely different SOPs.

In tiny corporations, corporate executive makes all the necessary choices associated with day to day business activities. however because the company expands, documented SOPs ar required to bring consistency in business functions. It works as a reference guide for the workers, that helps workers perceive the order of business practices and alternative routine tasks.
In some corporations, SOPs ar quite important and desires to be followed strictly. 

For example, Clinical analysis, Emergency Response, Power Plants, and prescription drugs ar some the essential fields wherever there's no scope for errors.

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